"A Stunning video and song, one we can't get enough of at MTV" - MTV on 'Beside You'.

Infectious rhythms, rich harmony and timely drops of silence draw you in to Tom Lee-Richards' nuanced songwriting. Tom has just finished his 1st EU tour including shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is getting ready to tour his debut Mini-LP. Details here.

The latest single 'Beside You' has been added to rotation on Triple J Unearthed among other stations. “This one's got me hooked,” - Triple j unearthed music director, Dave Ruby Howe.

Following on from 'Madness' Tom's last music video chosen for a number of international film festivals, 'Beside You's' dystopian future video became MTV Upload of the week. It also premiered on FolkRadio UK and has been featured in Berlin's VICE Kaltblut magazine's Top 5 among other international sites.