Matt Gresham is once again returning to Australian shores, for the “Survive on Love” single tour. After re-locating to Berlin and delving into a new chapter of creativity and experience, the singer-songwriter is relishing the opportunity to share his stories and music in a series of reflective and intimate performances.  

Matt will be showcasing a newfound vibrancy and explosiveness to his sound. “Survive on Love” was co-written with LA based producer Jaymes Young the single allows us to peer inside his refreshing world view with a driving bassline, forward drum mix and uplifting vocal melody.

Watch the acoustic and unplugged performance of "Survive on Love" 

Originally from Perth, the artist became known after participating on The X Factor Australia in 2013, a year later, he embarked on journey to become an indie artist and released his debut album “One Night Away” in 2014. “Survive On Love” is all sorts of colourful and powerful as the track focuses on Gresham’s passion to guarantee love remains in our world, which he sees as currently overwhelmed with war, fear and anger.

Make sure you are there to witness Matt’s roguishly charming presence and peer into his refreshing world view.