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There is something to be said about an artist when their biggest fans are other musicians, some musicians are talented and then a rare few who are truly gifted, the latter being the case with Minnie Marks now a regular on the major festival circuit.

With an insane talent that’s out of control playing what she calls dirty sweet rock & roll this young singer/songwriter/guitarist/multi instrumentalist is being compared to everyone from the likes of John Butler, Janis Joplin, Ash Grunwald, and even the late great Billy Thorpe.

Touring a new LIVE album release this bombshell explodes on stage pushing the limits of her guitar, vocals and performance, kicking arse and playing to packed out shows, leaving little doubt everybody is touting her as ‘the next big thing’.

Minnie is proudly endorsed by Elixir Strings, MI-SI Pickups, Woodskin Cajons and Wegen Picks.


“Minnie Marks, she plays guitar like nothing I’ve ever seen before, she sings like Janis Joplin, she’s going to blow the world apart.” – Kim Churchill

"Damn, I don't think I've ever seen a female shred harder than you in the flesh" - Dallas Frasca
“You’re awesome, Let’s jam again soon”- Joe Robinson

“So I heard you’re better than my brother” - Phil Emmanuel

“You It's not easy to fill that much space with only an acoustic, but you were killing it! I hope we get to jam in the future”-Tyler Bryant

“You rock baby, you’re killing it. The world is your oyster. If I were an army lieutenant with a shirt full of medals I would give you one. You’re my hero, I’m shakin’ in my boots. One word, PRODIGY!” - Sarah McLeod (ex Superjesus)

“The finest young guitar player in the country” - Julz Parker (Hussy Hicks)

“SHREDS!” – Mama Kin

“Minnie Marks is an extraordinary performer, I have never seen or heard anything quite like her, Minnie plays guitar, sings and stomps like her every breath depends upon it, her passion and wonderful sense of fun is refreshing.” – Michael Barker (John Butler’s ex drummer, Drummer for the Split Enz)

“You have to come and see this girl, she makes every other musician look ordinary” –Gypsie Howls