Musician. Composer. Lyricist. Arranger.

At FLOW BAR, 31 January, 12:30pm

Stefan's tunes glide happily between low-fi folk, acoustic funk, occasional uptempo latin and cellorock whilst meandering through jazzy arrangements. Come and join the Stefan Wedam journey and be thoroughly enchanted and captivated.


Stefan Wedam has emerged from the rich musical landscape of his childhood with a varied and versatile approach to his music.  Stefan was raised in a musical home, so it seems natural for Stefan to communicate so effectively and poignantly through his music.  From early on, Stefan was fascinated with the workings of the violincello and he was soon classically trained.  From here, he added the cello, piano, guitar, bass and strong vocals to his musical toolbox.  Indeed, the vocals are often at the centre of his songs providing warm cohesion and commanding instant attention.  His unique voice has found itself through both choir and acapella groups.

Naturally, Stefan’s life and music flow alongside one another.  He has travelled, studied and played extensively across Europe, the Middle east and South America all of which have left their traces through his music.  His music tells stories of his life (and vice versa) as they exist in synergy.  A professional musician, Stefan builds on his musical roots with his ever growing instrumental repertoire.  His expressive work exposes an instrumental and stylistic fusion that is invigorating.  Layered with his passion and quality, funky grooves, this music speaks volumes of his life, with each musical story showcasing a careful and complementary combination of instrumentation.

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