Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Joanna Wallfisch is celebrating the release of her new memoir "The Great Song Cycle", and fifth record release "Far Away From Any Place Called Home" with a tour of Australia.

But this is no ordinary tour! She is travelling through five states, Brisbane to Hobart (and Perth), on her bicycle. She calls her tour The Great Song Cycle... and here's why.

In 2016 she released her third album, and planned a tour down the west coast of the USA, from Portland to LA. For reasons including environmental and existential she decided to travel on her trusty Condor bicycle, loaded with five Ortlieb panniers stuffed with everything from camping gear to her musical instruments. She called the tour “The Great Song Cycle.” What transpired was a regular concert tour turned effervescent. The journey not only changed her perspective on my life and career, but also inspired Joanna's new album and book.

"I could never have known how creatively fruitful the original trip was going to be, but now I’m hooked on this way of touring. Three years later I take to the road again for The Great Song Cycle, Down Under — 1612 miles, from Brisbane to Hobart."