Glen's roots are in Australia. He began drumming at an early age playing in various independent bands and also show bands. He extensively studied the drums and percussion and has gone onto travelling the globe using music and surfing as his vehicle. He has backed countless artists here and around the world. Glen picked up the guitar later and began singing and writing for himself. He now plays solo shows and full band gigs all over Australia. He continues to perform on his first love, the drums, and is still drumming in various bands in and around Sydney.

The name of Glen's first album, "Fringe dweller" reflects the lifestyle he leads living near the coast. Songs stem from personal experiences and are built from raw emotions. He combines moods and experiences to deliver a colourful assortment of music. He surprises you with an outburst of pop to start with and works his way through some darker moments and describes his album to be a lot like surfing a wave or riding a tube.