The Iron Horses formed in early 2015 over countless boozy jam sessions in darkened house shares around Sydney’s North Shore. Over the next few months a group of songs began to emerge, which would be the foundations of the bands early demos. Mixing their love of indie rock, folk, country and blues they started to create their own brand of rock & roll loaded with “earworm riffs” “driven by guitars and smothered in euphoric, harmonic vocals”. Three years and thousands of miles later, that sound has toured around Australia several times already. The boys have their fair share of stories to tell about their time on the road, fuelling the song writing process and forging the band tighter than ever both on and off the stage.

In late 2017 the Sydney four piece signed with global label, Golden Robot Records and immediately began work on their debut album. The following six months were spent away from the stage, between Housefox Studios and Church Street studios where the recording took place, once again enlisting in the services of Sean Carey & Ollie Brown.

With choruses and hooks born to fill stadiums, lyrics that cut you down to the bone, a lot has changed since the early days. Their debut album ‘Freedom & Rebellion’ will take you on a journey that will have you stamping your feet one minute and floating in ambient tranquillity the next.