Pete's initial efforts of song writing were fed by influences of his four older brothers to include Metallica, Gunner’s, Zeppelin, Sabbath and Pearl Jam. After discovering Pink Floyd, David Gray and David Bridie his approach to writing originals became more self-reflective.

Pete’s lyrics are sung with immediacy yet warm tones that invite listeners to connect with every message. Blending genres of a rock, folk, ballad, roots scope with intriguing loops of instruments, Pete offers a journey to listeners that is evocative, magnetic and meaningful.

In the mid 2000’s Pete performed in Newcastle as a solo artist and front-man of fourpiece alternative rock band Geisha Blue. Pete lost his focus with his music after starting work as a teacher but decided late last year that he’s been ‘in-hiding’ too long. Pete now lives in the quite town of Kendall in Camden Haven and has been building up his repertoire to record and deliver originals on stage. Pete aims to secure regular spots at local venues and play other coastal and regional venues as the year progresses.