Multi-Instrumentalist Jay Hoad is coming back to Australia after a huge year of touring throughout Europe and the Pacific Islands, performing at some of the biggest festivals on the planet. He will be performing at the Flow Bar on Sunday December 9th for one of his only NSW shows for 2018, kicking off his Australian Tour which will run through out every state in Australia over the upcoming months.

“So excited about coming back to Australia and performing at Flow Bar, heard so many great things about this venue. I absolutely love NSW and I’ve got a few days of downtime after the show before the shows in Victoria, so looking forward to checking out some of the countryside around this way, definitely gonna juice me with good vibes to take around the rest of the country.”

Jay Hoad was in Australia at the beginning of 2018 performing at Tamworth Music Festival NSW and the Adelaide Fringe in SA. Hoad has performed over 160 shows across 12 countries this year, and next year is shaping up to be very similar with festival performances scheduled for India and Europe after the Australian Tour wraps up mid 2019.

“Got some wicked new guitars on this tour... you will see some incredibly unique and mind blowing instruments, and the best thing of all is I can actually ride some of these new instruments to the shows!”