Sarah Marine will be joined by one of her favourite musicians, Tom Lee-Richards, for a run of shows along the East Coast. When fate booked them to join an original’s showcase in early 2018 they were mesmerized by each other’s music and it seemed only fitting to join forces ~ They had this to say of each others’ artistry:

“Your (Sarah’s) song structures are lead by your cheeky personality, given permission to be completely original because that’s how you are. Melodically bold, quirky and imaginative with a presence that presumes rapport like there was only ever you in the room” ~ Tom

“(Tom’s) intricate songs, creative melodies, beat box rhythms, warm delicate voice & poetic lyrics reminded me why it is so important to share your craft with the world ~ so you can connect with people and make them feel like they’re in another world for that moment ~ it’s an amazing gift” ~ Sarah

Definitely expect collaboration as both Tom and Sarah paint their harmonic pipes on each others songs and come together for a couple of choice and mutually admired covers.

/// Sarah Marine ///

A vivacious singer & multi-instrumentalist whose eclectic musical style can be likened to the many emotions of the oceans. Sarah loves to sea-horse around during and in-between playing her catchy glam-folk originals. Each song incites intrigue with colourfully cryptic lyrics and her performances have been hailed as rhythmically funky and harmonically charming. With a fresh recording under her sequinned belt, Sarah is busting to celebrate with a tour along the East Coast of Australia! Her sparkling new single ‘Go away’ is a tale entailing the joys of living in the blissful absence of an irritating person - we all know one, let’s be honest..

/// Tom Lee-Richards ///

Tom’s skills as a vocalist, guitarist, loop artist, beat boxer and songwriter have been honed with extensive international touring - it is a real experience to observe such an artistic musician during his truly captivating performances.

Tom's music has been described as "Idiosyncratic songwriting that expresses a unique artistic vision” which can be heard in his recent debut folk and alternative pop mini-album 'Out of the Oddness'. Here is the accompanying music video:

"A True one off" - Pop Matters Chicago