Adam Young was born in time for lunch in the cold heart of the Canadian winter. He has called Australia home since his teen years, and his music describes this; a kind of anchor-less life spent in rear view mirrors as much as on the trail ahead.

He was one of the front men for early-90's indie rockers, The Daisygrinders and did time with revered outfit, Big Heavy Stuff. His songs have been covered by bands such as You Am I and the Lemonheads.

His new record, Elementary Carnival Blues, was released earlier this year to critical acclaim. ABC Radio National called it an early contender for album of the year. Fellow songwriter, Liz Stringer wrote of it: "It’s a simple formula, but deceptively difficult to achieve and Young and his band of musicians do it again and again." The Sydney Morning Herald called it "assured Americana", while The Australian said: “This is music that artfully leaves room for the listener to add time, place and their own personal detail.”