Harking back to English folk, or the deadpan experiments of the Velvet Underground, psychedelic folk duo Datson+Hughes sing all original songs of love, loss and redemption to their tintinnabulatious Appalachian mountain dulcimers. These singer-songwriting troubadours are currently on their year long Whispering Highway EP Tour in the lead up to the release of their forthcoming debut album at the end of 2017.  

"If i said there was something of a Go-betweensy thing about it I don't mean in any literal way, rather that there justhttps://www.facebook.com/DatsonHughes/ seems to be some sort of unique Queensland feel about it."

Clinton Walker (author and cultural comentator)
"A step beyond into the realm of truth and beauty...The right balance of love and control. It's dark and evocative, with a bright and hopeful tenderness streaming through in the form of celestial female vocals and some crystalline guitar sounds that crack and splinter ... rays of light and salvation that break through dark clouds of loss and sorrow.”

Khristian Mizz (songwriter)
“...Intensely beautiful emotions felt by all last night. From deeply moving lamentations to the quirkiest eccentric upbeat tunes,  and the romantic classic Sweet Matilda” Meaghan Shelton (visual artist)

Geoffrey Datson was a member of the 70s Aussie punk Surf Band, Surf Side Six and co-wrote their hit single 'Cool in the Tube'. He then joined Samurai Trash - one of the first Australian bands signed to Virgin in the 80s. In 2000 he formed Stickylabel with artistic collaborator and co-writer Annette Hughes, and in 2008 they started playing music together on a range of Datson's own hand made instruments. This year they will be exhibiting their instruments at the National Folk Festival.