De'May is an enchanting folk songstress from the dreamy coastal town of Newcastle. Her debut album ‘If We Don’t Leave Now’ was released in 2014 through Laughing Outlaw Records, described by The Sydney Morning Herald as a "mix of warped sounds and gentle musings" that "tell of tales of loves lost and won".

"She breathes life into the idea of ghosts" acclaimed The Music, with "her quirky songwriting, sultry voice and deconstructed band." 

De'May has been playing guitar since her early teens after she fell in love with her father's record collection and decided to learn her favourite Neil Young songs. Since then, she has weaved her way through an array of styles and created a sound to call her own.

Her blend of English folk (inspired by Nick Drake and John Martyn) along with seventies rock influences (J.J. Cale, Gene Clark) has charmed audiences along the east coast of Australia for the past 3 years, with De'May now writing songs for her second record.

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