Built from heartbreak, forged on love. Two of the country’s finest songwriters, Sarah Humphreys and Kris Morris met and decidedto make a life and music together. There’s nothing fancy or fake here, just open hearts, good songs and the truth. There is heartache. There is freedom. There is power. And together they are truly magical.

Their self titled album, Eagle & The Wolf  is a collection of ten songs,  poignant reminders of the pain the two have encountered in their separate travels and the love they found in each other that set them both free. Produced by Syd Green (Matt Tonks, Dirty Lucy, Iota) in an old farm house on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. You can hear every breath, the crackle of the fire, birds calling in the distance.

The record, Eagle & The Wolf, will be released in February 2016.

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