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"Just when you think you've got the musician stereotype sorted, a young stallion comes to blow it out of the water" - Rip It Up Magazine

Christian Andrew is a talent that has been swept under the rug for years; he has found his feet and is running headfirst into the music scene. He is out to prove that all is not that meets the eye, as this tall but gentle giant delivers his unique acoustic sounds. With a few hat tips to John Butler, Newton Faulkner and Andy McKee, Andrew’s distinctive guitar style and vocals are self-taught. He expertly picks and plucks his way through a plethora of tunes, matched by his unexpectedly soft vocal tones, combining to form a rare style that is Christian Andrew.

His song writing reaches to the depths of his soul, crafting his lyrics from his innermost thoughts and most personal of experiences intriguing the listener even further, peeling back the layers of his persona. This emotionally charged music allows his performances to connect with and captivate audiences, creating an emotional bond with many of those who can relate to his lyrics.

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