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Welcoming back Australian Blues Rock sensation Darren Jack. With the release of his new album ‘Take These Blues’ on iTunes, this seasoned musical performers' works no longer rely solely on his incredible guitar talent as he now does on his growing song-writing capabilities. And while Jacks guitar work remains an integral part of sound, it is his continued growth with his songs released on this album and his multi-award winning 2012 release 'Better Place' that has gained him critical recognition for his works.

onest and earthy ‘Take These Blues’ rolls from blistering rockin’ shuffles and powerhouse blues through to velvety melodies that emanate from the heart. Seasoned vocals and versatile guitar licks, Jacks performances on these new works are laced with mesmerizing improvisation. ‘Take These Blues’ is a testament to the commitment and longevity of this revered Australian songwriter.