Laura and the Blackjacks are a groovin', stompin' mix of style and charm. Be prepared to be whisked away to a time when suspenders were cool, and punters were not afraid to wiggle and jive to dapper buskers playing their blues away. Walking bass lines will cause your toes days of pleasure and Laura's lyrical style will make you sing in the shower like you're a diva in disguise. It well known how the Blackjacks were actually born... Tom waits, Ella Fitzgerald and Michelle Shocked were stranded in a bar in Mexico. After consuming enough Tequila to make a racehorse curtsy, they all broke out singing to the blackjack beat! Laura & The Blackjacks are fun on a stick, a dinner dress roller derby, groove in a pop corn machine, and a band of ratbags ready and roaring to have a good time!  

If this hasn’t convinced you to check out our show, you should know about the brains and brawn behind Laura and the Blackjacks. Laura Zarb has come out of an incredible three year journey, playing a succesful run of solo shows up and down the east coast of Australia. Her debut album Pink Plastic Spoon, now available on iTunes, has hit the ground running winning the hearts of many in the process, and leaving them wanting more. In just one year after starting her career in 2012, Laura’s passion for music had seen her go from small open mic nights, to playing at the Sydney Blues and Roots Festival, Winter Magic Festival, exulted venues such as The Vanguard in Sydney, and supporting artists such as Sarah McLeod.

Laura's talent has also delivered her First place in the Ironfest singer Songwriter comp 2012 and her beautiful song “Echo” received third place, folk category, at the Australian Songwriting Awards 2013. The Songwriting of Society of Australia claimed that Laura has “one of the best right hands, with great strums and rhythm set ups and a voice that is almost conceptional in style. She is a great story teller!”   

Website: Laura and The Blackjacks