Setting up in the bar of the Bushranger Hotel at Collector to the red dust and big red skies of outback Bourke,  the lure of travel and music is the passion of SimonMorse. From an upbringing in Newcastle and then the upper hunter with shearing , mustering and the bush life the songs and the message come through in the music. Ongoing from these experiences there is a strong but practical sense of commitment to save and fix the land and the wildlife. The current cd Burning Mountain is a mix of australias history in war and big milestone events during that journey as in the tracks Burning Mountain and . personal stuff in the songs Frontier and Strung Out which get into some secret mens business and overcoming some mind hurdles growing up in the bush. Now living in the Beautiful Manning Valley  and experiencing  first hand  this neck of the woods  the tracks Big Nellie , Summer Storm , Hebrew Honey and Australia Hotel evolved.

At the heart of all this is the inner rocker which continuallybreaks through. Thankyou Bon Scott,  Doc Neeson and the Brewster Brothers, Thorpey and Suzi Quatro.