Dried Spider (Matty Witney) and Good at Bad (Nika Nemirovsky) have teamed up to embark on a musical adventure.

Exploring each other's music, music of artists that came before them, and the sounds that come out when their two distinct styles are combined, this duo play an array of originals, covers and classics often singing in harmony. Between the two of them they play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keys, percussion, and make cool loops

Dried Spider and Nika are visiting Flow Bar as part of their adventure down the East coast of Australia from their home in Brisbane. Next year they plan to adventure even further – to Nika's hometown, Chicago, and across the United States.

Nika (Good at Bad) draws influence from a range of genres in her music. There are distinct influences of Americana, folk, and indie, with twinges of country, blues, and jazz making their way in as an undercurrent.

Matty's music (Dried Spider), although hard to pin down in a pre-existing genre, can be related to his deep love of soul, blues, rock, jazz, R&B, and 'arty experiments'.